Our regular, individual trips are suspended for the time being. Please ask for custom-made tours!

We want to show you
a different perspective of Europe!

In riding a bicycle you experience European life and not only a few European sights. You take routes which no car could take. You stop and see things, wherever you want to stop and wherever you want to look at. You enjoy hidden landscapes, you meet interesting people on your way, you eat local food. Everyday is different and every day will be an adventure.

You decide what way you want to travel: check out our selection of Tours already mapped out. Set out with friends on your personal bike-journey through the best cycling destinations of Europe, board a boat and enjoy the mix of cycling and cruising down its most fascinating rivers, or participate in a big event. These trips are varied, proven and customizable. Or get the whole trip tailored to your specific needs, from beginning to end. We provide all the services you need and help with your Custom-Made Tour during all stages: planning, organization and operation. Let us know your wants and ideas!

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