We are a team of travel-enthusiasts with one major thing in common: each of us discovered (or rediscovered at some point) that cycling is just the best way to experience other countries and other cultures. Most travelers choose to visit sights and cities by bus and aim to see as much in as little a time as possible. This can be quite tiresome. On a bike, the sense of time works different: it's not too fast and not too slow. There are new perspectives and little adventures around each corner and you can't get any closer to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes a region has to offer. You also don't miss out on the little things along the way that would otherwise just rush by your coach window. Meanwhile, you get fresh air, a clear head, you exercise and you move in a healthy manner.


We all have long experience in travelling by bike, some of us have a shared history as cycling guides in Asia, with trips from Nepal to Taiwan, from Mongolia to Indonesia. Cycling Asia is wonderful, it still is a big adventure for us. Now we want to go back to our roots – after all, the start for all of us was cycling Europe: riding along the rivers of Southern Germany with the parents, on a weekend; finding independence in cycling with friends to neighboring Belgium and France and, for the first time, experiencing other cultures up-close; or just having a few days off and let it roll in the vicinity of Berlin, on a road-bike. We love and appreciate the advantages of bike travel that Europe has to offer: its rich and complex history as well as its geographical diversity ensure that there is always something interesting to see. There are lots of paths and routes built solely for bicycles, where you can enjoy the scenery without a car in sight. Travelling by bike has become very popular in Europe, which has led to to a vast network of cycle-routes connecting the whole continent.


Cycling under these conditions is something we want you to experience. It's our job to find the most suitable roads, hotels, towns, food, routes and attractions and introduce them to you. We are trying our best to provide you with an amazing experience and offer you a diverse set of tours to make sure you find the perfect biking trip for your very own riding level. A moderate climate and fresh air, very diverse landscapes, a wealth of culture and culinary delights, and above all a fantastic cycling infrastructure – all this is waiting for you!