Custom-Made Tours

Do you want to travel Europe with your friends? Or with some colleagues? Did you always want to do a cycling trip with your whole family? It's time to do it! Your fellow travelers are of your choice, as might be the whole arrangement itself. And every undertaking has different needs. Whether large or small groups, ambitious or recreational cyclists, hiking in the Alps or tranquil canoeing along the Danube, a two week-tour or a trip over a long weekend: we will get you the package tailored to your specific interests, specifications and skills. We provide all the services you need and our experienced team is glad to help you with your Custom-Made Tour during all stages: planning, organization and operation. Let us know your wants and ideas!

There are a few things to consider when designing your tailor-made tour, for example:

  • What kind of trip do you have in mind?
  • We specialize in active tours and, depending on your interests, will build your trip around the activities you like, be it cycling, hiking, canoeing or something else. A combination of different activities can also make for a fun and varied experience. Let us know whether you are planning a sportive trip or, for example, if you just want to introduce your family to outdoor travel. And if you have different preferences or just want to relax: just tell us, we will make it happen!

  • What kind of accommodation and meals would you like?
  • Whether you travel on a budget or if you want to be pampered: choose the level of services, accommodations and restaurants you prefer.

  • What ground service & support would you like to have?
  • This can include a wide variety of options depending on your needs and on the destination you want to travel to. Do you need a guide, a driver, or both? Do you want to travel by boat, service car, accompanying bus or train? Do you want to participate in special events like cooking-classes or spectator sports?

    We have all the necessary resources to provide an all-round, high-quality service:

    Our Guides

    A guided tour depends very much on the one accompanying and presenting it. We always want to give you an authentic and personal experience for your trip! Our guides are well-educated and speak your language. They are happy to let you participate in their love for all kinds of activities, and in their passion for exploring cultures.

    Our Fleet

    Our vans provide comfortable seating for up to 9 people. They are fully prepared for a cycling trip, making sure there is enough room for anybody who needs a lift or wants to take a rest. Our trailers provide room for up to 20 bikes and plenty extra-luggage. This way you stay flexible throughout the whole trip.

    Our Bikes

    In case you are off for a cycling-trip, you are very welcome to take your own bikes. But if you want to spare yourself the hassle we also provide bikes for rent. We know that every kind of trip needs matching bicycles: they have to be of the right kind, of comfortable fit and in good condition. We are working with carefully selected partners to ensure that you get the perfect bikes and all the equipment necessary.

    Our Ground Services

    From fixing the bikes on the road to helping the guests with all their small and big wants, from organizing a cozy picnic to making sure all the reservations are in place: we know what your trip needs and always have an open ear. We will have an eye on the details and will make sure that the trip runs smoothly.

    Contact us with your questions and ideas. Let us know your ideas and needs and we will design the perfect tailor-made trip for you!